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Who is PayPal and Why PayPal?
What does "PayPal Verified" mean?

Before anything else, I would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for your purchase consideration.  SNMP4W2K-PLUS has taken a lot of time to put together, and I think you will find it to be of excellent value to your organization!

Cost: For $3500.00, you can purchase an enterprise license of SNMP4W2K-PLUS, which allows you to install it on as many systems as you want, anywhere you want in your organization (even if your offices are located across the globe from each other).  Depending on the number of systems you install it on, the "per agent" price is quite inexpensive.

Consider the the pricing scheme outlined below...

Therefore, purchasing 125 units (the price break point) would cost $3525.00 or $28.20 per system.

By purchasing an enterprise license for $3500.00, you pay $28.00 per system, and you can install it anywhere on any system you like.  If you install it on 100 more systems, then the per system price is only $17.50.

Updates: As a customer, you will be provided updates for free for a period of one year.  I do this by releasing an email notification (containing download URL and password details), whereupon it is the onus of you the customer to download the latest version. I do not send the product via email.

Support: As stated, I have a full-time job, but as a customer, you are always free to call me on my cell phone, and if time allows, I will help you right then and there.  If I cannot, I will tell you, and we will arrange an evening call, or start an email communication thread.  I always try to respond as soon as possible either way, since I don't like waiting on hold or for an answer any more than anyone else does.

  You can commence to purchase an enterprise license for SNMP4W2K-PLUS by clicking the appropriate link below.  

Once your transaction has successfully completed, a "notification of purchase" email is sent to me by PayPal, containing the email address as entered by you during the PayPal purchase process.

After I receive this notification, an automated response to you is sent, containing the URL for the software download and the ZIP file password.  This usually takes between 10-15 minutes (13 mins is the average).  In some cases, due to Internet lag time, this could be exceeded.  An example of conditions that might add delay to the automated reply might be ISP and/or mail server bottlenecks.  You can always call me (see SNMP4tPC - Contact Page) if you would like to check on your order.

Click the button below to purchase an Enterprise license of SNMP4W2K-PLUS.

Once payment has been verified, and you have received the transaction verification email from PayPal,  you can contact me for support.  I will confirm that I also have received that email before commencing to provide service.

Don't forget!  Consulting time can be purchased should you need assistance.  You can purchase this time in hourly blocks (at $50.00 per hour) if you so desire, by clicking on the button below.  This payment is also via a secured credit card transaction at PayPal. 

Click the button below to purchase Consulting Time.

Again, once payment has been verified, and you have received the transaction verification email from PayPal,  you can contact me for support.  I will confirm that I also have received that email before commencing to provide service.

Who is PayPal, and Why PayPal?

PayPal is arguably the biggest publicly available credit card processor on the Internet.  It allows individuals and small businesses to accept payment by credit card without having to set up individual merchant account with the major credit card issuers.

I use PayPal for exactly that reason.  I checked with VISA and MasterCard, and in order to accept their cards, I had to commit to a transaction volume and pay a monthly fee (for each card type!!).  This is simply not feasible.  Therefore, I looked into credit card processors, and found PayPal (I have been a PayPal account-holder for about 2 years now).  It has served me well, is secure, backed by big money (eBay), and provides security for both purchaser and vendor.

If you would like to find out more, please click this link, and read for yourself.  Thank you!

A note on the verification seal

Click here to read what it means to be PayPal verified.  I included this link because I know that some people are a little hesitant when making credit card purchases over the Internet, and might not know too much about PayPal.  I took a screenshot of the "Verified Status Description" because (believe it or not!), PayPal wants you to create an account, and log in JUST to read it!  Seems silly to me!  You deserve to know as much about me before you create an account, not after.


Once again, you have my sincerest thanks! 

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